My Passion

This is why I wake up every day. I want to create furnishings that make your space "more you". 

My passion is furnishing happy, bright, elegant spaces with high end custom furniture that make you space unique and beautiful.

My passion is seeing people fulfilled and happy occupying the spaces in which they do life.

The foundation of every piece that ships out of the basik studio is function. I believe the pinnacle of our art is utility. Does it serve a purpose? Then let's start there.

When you design for function, initially, clutter takes place. It's like saying you want everything at the touch of a button in your car. If you had a button on your dash for every action it would be overwhelming. By creating this subliminal tension, by bombarding you with decisions you don't even wish to consider at the moment, it steals from the sensation that should accompany driving the car you've always wanted. So instead, you follow logical paths through menus of categorized actions arriving, finally, at you desired destination. 

The paradigm through which I approach design is basik. Simple and logical is better.

I work with my clients to create foundational furnishings for their everyday environments. From floor to ceiling I want your space to communicate the emotion you associate with it and it’s intent.

Now in many instances, beauty may actually be the stand alone function. Beauty makes you feel better. Elegance is inspiring. We all strive to stand alone. Unique equals exclusive. So let's make it beautiful too. Let's make it you.

Lighting, size, color, utility. Nothing more, nothing less. Basik is beatiful. Basik is you.

I cannot wait to join you on your journey toward a complete environment, inspiring you, and elevating your quality of existence!